Public Outreach

Science in Society

Our faculty have contributed to Northwestern's Science in Society, a web-based science outreach initiative.  Jens Koch was featured in "Science Kids Embark on a Physics Adventure" for an event he hosted where middle school students were invited to experience the unusual properties of low-temperature materials.  André de Gouvêa, Ian Low, and Tim Tait cowrote the article "Big Ideas, Small Particles", discussing the physics we hope to explore with the European-built Large Hadron Collider.  Heidi Schellman wrote "From a Physicist's Mind" which discusses how physics research is connected to everything from MRI scanners to the Internet.

Reach for the Stars

Prof. Vicky Kalogera leads a GK-12 program called Reach for the Stars: Computational Models for Teaching and Learning in Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science.  Funded by the NSF with support from CIERA and Northwestern University, this This NSF program places STEM graduate student fellows in K-12 science classrooms for the academic year with the goal of enriching their education and strengthening their development as researchers by advancing their communication and teaching skills.

Public Lectures

For the past five years, our department has sponsored an outreach program to provide interesting and diverse public lectures to students and the general public.  The lectures are selected based on their appeal to the general public, with the intent to help the public understand the science behind popular subject matters.  The complete content of each lecture is available as a movie file at this link.

Observing at Dearborn Observatory

The department holds public observing hours on most Fridays during the school year in historic Dearborn Observatory.  To obtain more information about telescopic viewing at Northwestern, click here.

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September 20, 2013