Date Title Time Where Speaker
Thursday, July 25th

Topological Magnetization Textures and Resonant Dynamics in Patterned Nanostructures 4pm Tech F160 Dr. Olle Heinonen
Argonne National Laboratory

Friday, September 13th

Departmental New Student Orientation TBD Tech F160 TBA
Monday, September 16th Qualifier Exams: EM 9am-1pm Tech F160  
Monday, September 16th TGS Mix & Mingle 2pm-5pm* LakeFill  
Tuesday, September 17th Qualifier Exams: QM 9am-1pm Tech F160  
Wednesday, September 18th TGS New Student Orientation 9:15am* Norris Center/Pick Staiger Concert Hall  
Thursday, September 19th Qualifier Exams: CM/Sm 9am-1pm Tech F160  
Thursday, September 19th TGS Night Out with New Grad Students TBD TBA  
Friday, September 20th International Office New Grad Students Orientation TBA TBA  
Tuesday, September 24th> First Day of Classes      
Friday, September 27th Wine & Cheese: Meet & Greet with New Grad Students

2:00 pm Tech F160  
  *Subject to change  


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September 12, 2013