Graduate Financial Aid

The deadline for submitting an application to our graduate program with a request for financial aid is December 31.  (It is acceptable for test scores to arrive after the deadline, if the exams were taken before the deadline.)  There are no forms to fill out except the Graduate School's on-line application form.  Unless the student requests otherwise, all applicants are automatically considered for full financial support.

First-year graduate students are normally supported for 12 months as University Fellows.  Fellows receive a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a full tuition scholarship.  Fellows are not normally assigned any departmental duties; however, it is expected that University Fellows will take advantage of the time provided by the fellowship to become involved in research with one of our faculty.

Students in their second year of study are often supported as Teaching Assistants in the academic year.  These also receive a monthly stipend, health insurance, and a full tuition scholarship.  Teaching Assistants normally spend about 10 hours per week teaching undergraduate laboratories, leading discussion sections, grading, and tutoring.  A small number of summer Teaching Assistantships are also available.  Once a student has selected a thesis advisor and begun their PhD research, it is typical for them to be supported as a Research Assistant (by their thesis advisor) until their thesis is completed.

The stipends for TAs, Fellows, and RAs vary, depending on the student's qualifications.  However, the minimum 12-month stipend for any student on full support will be $21,936 in 2009-10.  If a student is granted financial support, they are immediately sent a letter specifying the precise details and amount of the award.

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August 26, 2013