Nathaniel Stern

Assistant Professor
PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2008

BS, Harvey Mudd College, 2003

Stern Group Website

Professor Stern’s research is focused on the fundamental quantum interactions of photons with atoms, nano-scale structures, and magnetic materials. Whereas early investigations of quantum light focused on photon interactions with atoms, the scientific landscape has become ripe for the integration of quantum optics and solid state systems such as quantum dots, nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond, and superconducting Josephson junctions. Stern’s research objective is to explore the novel optical and magnetic properties of nano-scale solid-state systems, focusing on the quantum interactions and collective behavior between photons and zero-dimensional electronic structures. Experimental approaches are utilized from a wide range of optical techniques, from time-resolved spectroscopy to ultra-low light detection at the single-photon level. This work seeks to bring the methods of semiconductor physics, photonics, and atomic quantum optics to bear on new physical questions concerning how light and matter interact on the smallest scales, with potential impact throughout the disciplines of photonics, quantum information, magnetism, materials science, and nanoscience.

Selected Publications

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August 26, 2013