Arthur Freeman

Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1956

Guggenheim Fellow
Fulbright Fellow
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Winner, First Medal of the Materials Research Society
Winner, First Magnetism Award of the International Union of Pure and Applied Research
Founding Editor in Chief and Emertus, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Professor Freeman's research interests lie in developing computational methods and programs for carrying out first-principles modeling/simulations of complex materials and phenomena. A pioneer in computational physics and computational materials science, his first-principles approaches (i.e., without adjustable parameters) based on the local density approximation, have provided a universal method for treating all materials. Applications of his FLAPW method are focused on the structural, electronic, magnetic, optical and mechanical properties of metals, semiconductors, insulators, large molecular clusters, complex bulk compounds and alloys, low-dimensional systems (surfaces, thin films and multilayers) and defects (impurities, vacancies, faults, grain boundaries and dislocations). Recent studies include transparent conducting oxides and topological insulators. Very recently he and his colleagues have parallelized the FLAPW code on the IBM SP4 computers and have demonstrated very good scaling with up to 1280 processors. Freeman is the 13th most cited physicist in the ISI listing of over 512,000 physicists worldwide.

Selected Publications

  • H. S. Jin, J. H. Song, A. J. Freeman
    Dirac cone engineering in Bi2Se3 thin films
    Physical Review B, 83, 125319 (2011)
  • H. S. Hin, J. H. Song, A. J. Freeman, M. G. Kanatzidis
    Candidates for topological insulators: Pb-based chalcogenides series
    Physical Review B, 83, 041202 (2011)
  • K. Nakamura, R. Shimabukuro, Y. Fujiwara, T. Akiyama, T. Ito, A. J. Freeman
    Giant Modification of the Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in Transition-Metal Monolayers by an External Electric Field
    Physical Review Letters, 102, 187201 (2009)
  • S. Jin, Y. Yaang, J. E. Medvedeva, L. Wang, S. Li, N. Cortes, J. R. Ireland, A. W. Metz, J. Ni, M. C. Hersam, A. J. Freeman, T. J. Marks
    Tuning the properties of transparent oxide conductors. Dopant ion size and electronic structure effects on CdO-based transparent conducting oxides. Ga- and In-doped CdO thin films grown by MOCVD
    Chemistry of Materials, 20, 220-230 (2008)
  • R. Saniz, B. barbiellini, P. M. Platzman, and A. J. Freeman
    Physisorption of Positronium on Quartz Surfaces
    Physical Review Letters 99, 096101-4 (2007)
  • M. S. Park, S. H. Rhim, and A. J. Freeman AJ
    Charge Compensation and Mixed Valency in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterointerfaces Studied by the FLAPW Method
    Physical Review B74, 205416 (2006)
  • N. I. Medvedeva, Y. N. Gornostyrev, and A. J. Freeman
    Electronic Origin of Solid Solution Softening in bcc Molybdenum Alloys
    Physical Review Letters 94, 136402 (2005)
  • J. E. Medvedeva, A. J. Freeman, X. Y. Cui, et al.
    Half-Metallicity and Efficient Spin Injection in AlN/GaN : Cr(0001) Heterostructure
    Physical Review Letters 94, 146602 (2005)
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