Ivan Nevirkovets

Visiting Scholar
PhD, National Academy of Science of the Ukraine, 1985

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Royal Society of London (1992-1994)

Dr. Nevirkovets' research interest lies in the field of superconductor tunneling and superconducting device physics.  By studying the tunneling characteristics, microscopic quantum coherence effects which manifest themselves macroscopically can be seen in a very clear manner.  The extreme sensitivity of superconducting junctions (that exploit both quasiparticle and Josephson tunneling) to external perturbations allows one to design unique devices with quantum-level resolution.

Other topics of study that interest Dr. Nevirkovets include the energy spectra of superconductors, nonequilibrium and proximity effects in superconductors, and dynamic states in Josephson junctions.  His research is currently focused on junctions with the SINIS structure (where S, I, and N denote a superconductor, insulator, and normal metal, respectively).  Such junctions may be intrinsically overdamped (i.e., may show I-V curves with no hysteresis without external shunting), which would be advantageous for using them as elements in superconducting digital circuits.  Electron interference, which may take place in the middle N layer, gives rise to complex physical behavior that deserves further investigation.

Selected Publications

  • I. P. Nevirkovets, O. Chernyashevskyy, and J. B. Ketterson
    Direct Study of the Proximity Effect in the Normal Layer Inside the Stacked SINIS Device
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 247008 (2005)
  • I. P. Nevirkovets, S. E. Shafranjuk, and J. B. Ketterson
    Manifestation of Coherent Effects in the Conductivity of Superconductor/ Insulator/ Normal Metal/ Insulator/ Superconductor Junctions
    Phys. Rev. B68, 024514 (2003)
  • I. P. Nevirkovets, and J. B. Ketterson
    High-Transparency Superconductor/ Insulator/ Normal Metal/ Superconductor Josephson Junctions for Digital Electronics
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 81, 1273 (2002)
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August 26, 2013