John Ketterson

Fayerweather Professor
PhD, University of Chicago, 1962

Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Ketterson Research Page

John Ketterson's research interests cover many areas of condensed-matter physics, including liquid 3He and 4He; artificial superlattices; heavy-fermion, conventional, and high-Tc superconductors; Langmuir-Blodgett and other organic films; scanning-electron, near-field optical, tunneling, and atomic-force microscopy; novel thermoelectric materials; nanostructured magnetic, optical, metallic, and semiconducting materials; nonlinear optical and excitonic materials; and Josephson-junction devices.

His current research programs include studying collective-mode phenomena in 3He; microwave absorption measurements in Zn, UPt3and UBe13 up to 40 GHz (to search for collective modes); developing a cryogenic scanning-tunneling microscope (STM) and constructing a new STM probe based on his temperature-compensated wide-amplitude design; developing the SPOM (surface plasmon optical microscope) to study biological membranes; and performing atomic-force microscope studies (with R. C. MacDonald of Northwestern's biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology department) on the red-blood-cell cytoskeleton.  Ketterson is also researching the development of AlN, KTP, and SiC film deposition and wave-guide patterning to make a Mach-Zhender optical switch; continuing development of multilayer superconducting X-ray detectors and other devices; working to clarify the interaction observed between multilayer junctions and microwaves; fabricating dot-matrix arrays of superconducting, ferromagnetic, and normal metals with electron-beam lithography; and developing surface-plasmon-based optical biosensors.

Magnetic and Physical Properties Measurement Facility

Selected Publications

  • K. Rivkin and J. B. Ketterson
    Magnetization Reversal In The Anisotropy-Dominated Regime Using Time-Dependent Magnetic Fields
    Applied Physics Letters 89, 252507 (2006)
  • J. I. Jang, Y. Sun, B. Watkins, et al.
    Bound Excitons in Cu2O:  Efficient Internal Free Exciton Detector
    Physical Review B74, 235204 (2006)
  • S. E. Shafranjuk and J. B. Ketterson
    Josephson Plasmon Versus Amplitude Modes In A Superconducting Tunnel Junction
    Physical Review B74, 172501 (2006)
  • J. J. Lee, M. Y. Kim, Y. Cui, et al.
    Room Temperature Ferromagnetism Of Ge/MnAs Digital Alloys
    Journal Of Superconductivity 18, 75 (2005)
  • Z. G. Yin, H. T. Zhang, D. M. Goodner, et al.
    Two-Dimensional Growth of Continuous Cu2O Thin Films By Magnetron Sputtering
    Applied Physics Letters 86, 061901 (2005)
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