Venkat Chandrasekhar

PhD, Yale University, 1989

NSF National Young Investigator
Alfred P. Sloan Fellow
David and Lucille Packard Fellow

Mesoscopic Physics Page

Venkat Chandrasekhar's principal research interest is the measurement of quantum-mechanical effects in mesoscopic systems.  His research is currently focused on two main research areas.  The first area involves the investigation of phase-coherent transport in mesoscopic devices with normal-superconducting (NS) interfaces.  Electrons in the normal metal at an NS interface cannot simply be transmitted into the superconductor, but are reflected as holes with a concomitant production of Cooper pairs in the superconductor.  This process of Andreev reflection has a number of frequently counter-intuitive consequences for the low-temperature transport properties of NS devices.  Chandrasekhar's research group is currently involved in experiments to identify the relevant length scales for Andreev reflection and to investigate the consequences of phase coherence on the electrical and thermoelectric properties of mesoscopic NS devices, as well as ferromagnet/superconductor devices.

The second area involves the investigation of the transport and magnetic properties of small, single-domain, ferromagnetic particles.  Such particles have the potential of forming the basis of the next generation of magnetic storage media.  Chandrasekhar's research group is interested in the transport properties and dynamics of magnetization reversal in single-domain particles, and in the magnetic properties of large two-dimensional arrays of magnetic nanoparticles.

Other ongoing projects include experiments on size effects in Kondo and spin-glass alloys, mesoscopic superconductors, low-temperature scanning-force microscopy, and the transport properties of biomolecules such as DNA.

Selected Publications

  • P. Cadden-Zimansky and V. Chandrasekhar
    Nonlocal Correlations in Normal-Metal Superconducting Systems
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 237003 (2006)
  • Z. F. Zhang and V. Chandrasekhar
    Signatures of Phase coherence in the Low-Temperature Transport Properties of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
    Phyx. Rev. B73, 075421 (2006)
  • Z. Jiang and V. Chandrasekhar
    Thermal Conductance of Andreev Interferometers
    Physical Review Letters 94, 147002 (2005)
  • Z. Zhang, D. A. Dikin, R. S. Ruoff, et al.
    Conduction in Carbon Nanotubes Through Metastable Resonant States
    Europhysics Letters 68, 713 (2004)

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