Undergraduate Resources


Registration and Courses:

If you would like to register for a class that is already closed, contact Emily Updegraff for a permission number.

Not sure which Physics class is right for you?  Want to major or minor in Physics and Astronomy?  Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Andre de Gouvea.

The fall 2013 final exam schedule can be found here.

Transfer Credit:

If you are already a Northwestern student and would like to get credit for a class you're taking at another university, instructions are here.

For help with credit and placement based on the Physics AP test, contact Dr. Deborah Brown.

Undergraduate Research:

Get started at the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Learn more about applying for an Undergraduate Research Grant here. The most common grant among physics students is the Summer Undergraduate Research Grant.

Research opportunities within the Physics Department are posted here.

Beyond Northwestern:

For summer positions as well as jobs after graduation, visit Career Services.

To apply for Fulbrights and other fellowships, visit the Office of Fellowships.


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September 10, 2013