Graduate Schools Our Majors Attend

Students interested in a research career need an undergraduate education of the highest excellence to gain admission to the top graduate schools. At Northwestern, our faculty have ready access to the world's greatest research facilities, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, thus providing our undergraduates with outstanding opportunities to participate in cutting-edge science. Northwestern is also a pioneer in innovative multi-disciplinary education, as demonstrated by our Integrated Sciences Program, which melds mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and computer science into a single curriculum.

Here is a partial listing of the graduate programs some of our more recent graduates have attended:

Student BA University Program/Notes
David Ackerman 2010 Cornell Biophysics
Jeff Andrews 2009   Columbia Astrophysics
Sean Andrews 2001 Hawaii Astrophysics — Sean received his PhD in 2008 and is currently a Hubble Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Observatory.
Thomas Bay 2000 Stanford Physics
Matt Bierbaum 2009 Cornell Physics
Laura Blecha 2005 Caltech Physics — Laura attended Cambridge University for one year on a Gates-Cambridge Scholarship before entering Caltech.
Semyon Blinstein 2007 UCLA Mathematics
Sarah Braden 2008 Arizona State Geological Sciences
Nicole Carlson 2008 UC Berkeley Physics
Jeffrey Chilcote 2008 UCLA Astronomy
James Chisholm 1998 Chicago Physics — James received his PhD in 2005 and is now an Assistant Professor at Southern Utah University.
Janet Colucci 2004 Michigan Astrophysics
Alexandra Cunliffe 2009 Chicago Medical Physics
Samuel Eckels 2007 Wisconsin Mathematics
Steven Ehlert 2007 Stanford Astrophysics — Steve spent a year at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany, before entering Stanford.
Julia Fang 2009 UCLA Astrophysics
Matthew Gill 2007 UC San Diego Mathematics
Andrew Gordon 2010 Northwestern School of Medicine
Chris Greer 2002 Chicago Physics — Chris received a three-year NSF graduate fellowship.
David Guarrera 2003 MIT Physics — David also spent a year at Cambridge as an NSF Fellow.
Matt Haffner 1993 Wisconsin Astrophysics — Matt received his PhD in 2000 and is now a Research Scientist at Wisconsin leading a large project to map the ionized gas in our Galaxy.
John Hewitt 2004 Northwestern Physics — John is continuing his undergraduate research in astrophysics with Professor Farhad Zadeh.
Jennifer Hobbs 2008 Northwestern Physics — Jennifer is continuing her Northwestern undergraduate research at Fermilab's Minerva neutrino experiment.
Mia Ihm 2005 UC Berkeley Physics — Mia received a three-year NSF graduate fellowship.
Alex Jeffers 2010 Maryland College Park Physics
James Kath 2009 Harvard Biophysics — James is deferring entry into Harvard for one year to participate in the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.
Yoni Kahn 2009 MIT Physics — Yoni will attend Cambridge University for one year on a Gates-Cambridge Scholarship before entering MIT.
Jeffrey Kaplan 2007 Caltech Physics — Jeff was awarded a prestigious Feynmann Fellowship by Caltech.
Rachel Koltrun 2010 UC Santa Barbara Materials Science and Engineering. She will be doing research on high-ZT thermoelectric materials
Kremer, Kyle 2012 Cambridge Astrophysics - Kyle was awarded a Churchill scholarship for a one-year Master's program, after which he plans to return to the Unites States to pursue his doctorate.
Daniel Krop 2000 Indiana Dan received his PhD in high-energy physics in 2007 and is now a Research Associate in the University of Chicago's Enrico Fermi Institute.
Brandon Lane 2008 Aachen University Physics
Aaron Lee 2007 UC Berkeley Astrophysics — Aaron spent a year at Cambridge conducting advanced study in mathematics before entering Berkeley.
Timothy Linden 2008 UC Santa Cruz Physics
Thomas Lippman 2007 Stanford Physics
John Liu 2010 Brandeis Biophysics, focusing on single-molecule research.
Jennifer Marshall 2000 Ohio State Physics
Robert McElrath 1998 Wisconsin Physics — Rob completed his PhD in 2003 and is now a CERN Fellow in theoretical particle physics.
Anne Metevier 1997 UC Santa Cruz Astrophysics — Anne received her PhD in 2003, and is now an NSF Astrophysics Fellow in the Santa Cruz Center for Adaptive Optics.
Seth Meyers 2008 Stanford Computational & Mathematical Engineering
Taejin (Lance) Min 2007 Illinois Physics
Sasha Muratov 2007 Michigan Astronomy
Ryan Murphy 2009 Washington (St. Louis) Physics
Zack Nicolaou 2010 Cambridge Applied mathematics and theoretical physics. He was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which will fund his stay.
Philip Nutzman 2004 Harvard Astrophysics
Ryan O'Leary 2005 Harvard Astrophysics — Ryan received a six-year Fellowship to attend Harvard.
Brian Patt 1999 MIT Physics — Brian recently completed his PhD thesis, which was on string theory. His advisor was Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek.
Kathleen Ratcliff 2002 UC Berkeley Biophysics
Robert Rettew 2007 Georgia Tech Physics — Robert is a President's Fellow in Georgia's Center for Excellence in Photovoltaics.
Benjamin Rolfs 2009 Stanford Computational & Mathematical Engineering
Adam Sefkow 2002 Princeton Plasma Physics
William Shepherd 2007 UC Irvine Physics
Mengkai Shieh 2004 Stanford Medical School
Kent Shirer 2009 UC Davis Physics
Ethan Siegel 2000 Florida Physics — (two graduates of our PhD program are members of the Florida physics faculty.)
David Smith 2001 Princeton Plasma Physics
Dmitry Spivak 2010 Minnesota Experimental condensed matter physics.
Jeffrey Tran 2000 Illinois Physics
Matthew Turk 2003 Stanford Physics
Brandon Walker 2010 Wisconsin Medical Physics, and will conduct research on new proton therapies to battle cancer
David Westbrook 2000 Rochester High-Energy Physics
Robert White 2000 Washington (St. Louis) Planetary Science
Teresa Wong 2010 Washington (St. Louis) Earth and Planetary Science. She intends to conduct research in planetary geology/geophysics.
Kenneth Yu 2003 Caltech/Southern Cal Joint Program in Biophysics/Medicine
Geralyn Zeller 1994 Northwestern Geralyn won the 2003 Tanaka Dissertation Award, sponsored by the APS for outstanding PhD research in particle physics. She is now a Director's Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Other alumni who chose to enter research careers, but graduated a few years further back, include:

Professor Barbara Ryden (WCAS 1980, PhD Princeton 1987), now on the faculty at The Ohio State University. Professor Ryden has recently written a well-received textbook, "Introduction To Cosmology", published by Addison-Wesley.

Professor Steven Majewski (WCAS 1980, PhD Chicago 1987), now on the faculty at the University of Virginia. Professor Majewski has won several honors, including being named a Packard Fellow, a Cottrell Scholar, and a National Science Foundation Young Investigator.

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August 26, 2013