The Teaching Assistants assigned to the lectures for PHYSICS 125, 130, and 135 hold office hours and are also available to see students by appointment.  Students should never hesitant to avail themselves of this help.


The Society of Physics Students offers mentor tutoring to students taking basic Physics courses. Click here to see their tutoring schedule.


Calculus, Chemistry and Physics Resource Room

FALL 2012

Location: 619 Emerson, Room 101

The room is open to all calculus, chemistry and physics students looking for a constructive and helpful environment in which to work on math, chem and physics problems. It is staffed by experienced undergraduate peer tutors for students needing help in the following courses:

Math 212, 213, 214, 220, 224, and 230

Chem 101, 102, 103, 171, and 172

Physics 130, and 135

Tutoring Schedule, all evenings 8-10pm




*Physics tutoring may end at 9pm on Monday nights if turnout is low.

The tutoring starts the second week of classes and runs until the beginning of final exam week. It will be closed over Thanksgiving Break.


Undergraduates seeking more extensive, individualized help with physics, astronomy or math can be referred to private graduate student or postdoctoral tutors.  This information is provided for public convenience and is not a service provided by the department. The decision to use any particular private tutor, including any individuals who respond to your request, rest solely with the hiring party. Northwestern University does not warrant, endorse, or guarantee the quality, appropriateness, or any other aspect of any service provided by a private tutor.

However, if you would like help in finding out which of our graduate students may be interested in private tutoring, please send an email to the Physics and Astronomy Academic Office - physics-astronomy@northwestern.edu. Please include in the body of the email your contact information for a speedy response. back to top

August 26, 2013